Friday, June 3, 2011

The Gift of Nancy

Yesterday was an exceptional day, a fun, fulfilling day that continued throughout this morning.   I know that at least one person is reading this, and that one particular person is enough.   If we ever fall into the trap of thinking we have not done our jobs very well, we need reminders.  God sent a reminder to me in Nancy's visit.  My last few years of teaching were a struggle to an extent, although there certainly were bright spots along the way.  Nevertheless, I questioned as to whether I had ever been an effective teacher since my methods and standards, while suitable for me, made me a dinosaur to many of my students.  It is an amazing blessing to me that a young lady I taught when she was in the eighth grade (1973) not only remembered me, but wanted to spend time with me.   Thus, her visit yesterday.  A new grandmother herself, even to a stranger's eye, she is beautiful to behold.  To those who spend time with her, she is beautiful in every way, and she is strong, independent,  a thinker as well as an actor in life, and God's servant.   As her teacher, I loved her, and I've never forgotten her.  I love her even more today as we are on fully equal terms as adults dealing with all the challenges that any active life would present.  She brought me a delicious cake she made and also left what I know will be a sweet, meaningful devotional read.  I appreciate those so much.   But at her leaving she took off a lovely necklace she was wearing and that I particularly admired, and put in around my neck.  She also spoke special words.   I am humbled more than I can say, but I accept these gracious gifts,  for  she has allowed God to lead her to this giving of her time, possessions, and love.  That is how it happens.  When someone such as Nancy allows the Spirit to lead, God's work is done.  She left me with another gift.   She helped me set up this site, and I will try to honor that gift by using it as much as I can.   I know the blessings that came with her on this visit will stay with me and will continue with me as I feel, think, and write.  Oh, God is so good.   And it has nothing to do with deserving it.


  1. Speaking of "nothing to do with deserving it," I am so touched by this, your first blog post. Thank you for such an honor.

    It was a wonderful 24 hours indeed... I'm so richer for it -- and for you. My love always.

  2. I too was touched by your first blog post. Thank you for sharing. Please continue your writings. My friend, this was very good! You are so gifted!

  3. This is beautiful, Dottie. But very typical of the beautiful person you are. Thank you!